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Colorado Department of Corrections Website

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Full Time

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$3,376.00 - $3,794.00 monthly

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Correctional Medicine “The best kept secret in Health Care!” CDOC Nurse Supervisor


Are you interested in expanding your knowledge base, feeling challenged, helping those that truly appreciate your care? Correctional medicine offers an opportunity to see more than your standard cold and flu seen in most private GP practices. As an out patient type setting all offender patients go through the clinic, where we will provide care within our scope of practice, before the patient is recommended to be seen by any outside agency or specialist. This gives you as a nurse, the opportunity to provide medical care that you would typically not experience without being in a hospital setting. There are also positions open in an in-resident infirmary setting that also provides hospice care and post op care.

As a Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) nurse you are the backbone of the medical department, providing nursing sick call, managing appointments, passing medications, having the ability to suture, responding to emergent situations and attending minor surgical procedures. A CDOC nurse develops into a highly skilled and competent health care provider with the ability to meet the needs of the patient.

If progression, leadership and management are your passion especially within the Health Care System the CDOC offers fantastic opportunities for advancement. Nursing staff has and continue to hold high level supervisory and management positions to include executive level positions within the CDOC. The opportunities for advancement are endless and not restricted or limited to the medical field.

The combined pay and benefits of a state employee are unparalleled in most job opportunities. Salaries are commensurate with experience. The CDOC also offers retirement through the PERA program, 10 annual holidays, earned vacation and sick time, medical/dental insurance and much more!

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